Teachers Learning Centre

Welcome to Teachers Learning Centre

We are a well established skills development provider specialising in providing high quality qualifications in Early Childhood Development.

Our courses are accredited and are specially designed to equip ECD practitioners and Grade R teachers with the essential knowledge and practical skills need to ensure that our young children are given the best start in life.

Why Choose Teachers Learning Centre

Because our courses are practical, relevant and facilitated by highly qualified and experienced ECD educators

Meeting Needs

Besides improving the quality of ECD practices in daycare centres and pre-schools, we are committed to providing ECD practitioners with better career prospects and opportunities.

Community Based

Where possible, we adopt a community-based approach by partnering with the local community across the different provinces using local resources and expertise.

Active Participation

Our highly qualified and skilled facilitators encourage active involvement and provide real-life learning opportunities that are relevant to our South African context.

Online Distance Learning

Study online at own pace and at your own convenience

We offer Distance Learning courses for the FETC: ECD (Level 4) and HC: ECD (Level 5) qualifications. Distance learning gives you the flexibility to study while still working and devoting time to your family. If you possess self-motivation and the determination to achieve your goals, then this course is for you……..

Exciting News!

Diploma in Grade R Teaching (Level 6) is starting in 2022 …

Our Training Courses

All our qualifications are accredited by the EDTP Seta

FETC: ECD (Level 4)

This course provides you with the basic knowledge and practical skills required to facilitate the all-round development of babies, toddlers and young children. It is offered as a distance learning course or contact (part time) either one morning during the week or on a Saturday.

HC: ECD (Level 5)

This course offers more advanced training on specific aspects of early childhood development and focuses on Grade R Life Skills and managing an ECD centre. It is offered as a distance learning course or contact (part time) either one morning during the week or on a Saturday.

COMBO (Level 4 and 5)

This course is a combination of specially selected core unit standards from the FETC (Level 4) course and the entire HC (NQF 5) qualification. It is only offered as a full time contact course. Two to three days will be spent on theoretical training in a classroom and one day a week in an approved ECD centre.

ECD Courses for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Opening opportunities for Deaf teacher assistants​

We offer the FETC: ECD Level 4 and HC: ECD Level 5 qualifications for Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher assistants currently working in pre-primary schools and ECD centres. Both courses are facilitated by experienced teachers skilled in sign language.