TLC- Teachers Learning Centre

Is a professional training provider specializing in high quality educational Early Childhood Development qualifications that are accredited with the ETDP-SETA and aligned with the Government’s legislation and policies.

ETDP-SETA Number 10440

Why Choose Teachers Learning Centre. You can make a difference! By completing the ECD Course, you will:

  • Obtain a nationally recognised ECD qualification
  • Fulfill the minimum compliance requirements as specified by the DoE
  • Be empowered with practical up-to-date skills and knowledge in ECD
  • Improve your future career opportunities in ECD
  • Influence the holistic development of the child at the most crucial stages of his or her life
  • Your centre will gain credibility and a reputation as a centre of excellence
  • Your local community will benefit from your ECD expertise and credentials

Accredited Courses


Level 4 - 142 credits

This certificate is an entry level qualification into the field of early childhood development.

Level 5 - 120 credits

This certificate is designed for experienced and skilled ECD practitioners who wish to specialize in specific aspects of ECD, e.g. Grade R, managing an ECD centre.

Level 6 - * credits

(This certificate is designed for experienced and skilled ECD practitioners who wish to specialize in specific aspects of ECD, e.g. Grade R, managing an ECD centre.)




"At T.L.C I have learnt how to love before I teach. I have been empowered I now teach with confidence because what has been imparted by T.L.C to me I’m confident it will change the children's lives. The staff made us not feel at home but be at home. Our facilitator bound us together with love I found sisters, friends, best friends amongst my classmates and I now have somewhere to go to for a word of advice, for a hand when in need of one or two. I had the best time at TLC and I’m definitely coming back again."
Noelene Ralph Saturday class
"Studying Early Childhood Development through TLC was a great experience, the course was put together in such an understandable way. I had the honour of having Lorraine Patterson as my facilitator for the course. She is a very warm kind lady and was always willing to help any student until they were confident that they could handle the task at hand. I met some amazing friends along the way and I am proud to say I will be working with children till the end of my days"
Robin Freeman
Lorraine Patterson Tuesday class
"My passion for teaching lead me to pursue a course at TLC. The institute, unlike many others, was extremely accommodating in terms of advice and assistance with a smile when needed. I was apprehensive when it came to studying as I was out of school for a long time,I was naturally apprehensive. However, with the most amazing facilitator, Marietjie I felt like a teenager in school again. Excited and enthusiastic to learn. She gave examples of real life situations and interacted with us on a teachers level which made learning and understanding easy.Thanks to this professional institute and facilitator that empowers women from all walks of life. Thank You"
Shameema Waja
Marietjie Gericke Saturday class