The Ridge School and the Teachers Learning Centre in Partnership

Little People matter A Partnership of Hope

Our Vision: To make a difference in the lives of young children of Gauteng by upskilling, equipping and empowering teachers and care-givers

Strategic Intent:

For The Ridge School and the Teachers Learning Centre, an accredited and registered Early Childhood Development teacher training centre, to join hands in the development and training of teachers in the field of ECD care-giving, teaching and learning. 

Programme Focus:

The Partnership of Hope programme will seek to develop and improve the head, hands and heart application of skills for aspirant young ECD teachers. This training will enable, equip and enrich these teachers as they look to becoming confident teachers within respective pre-primary learning environments.

 Training Approach:

  • Qualified and experienced ECD teacher education lecturers
  • 20 – 40 Students
  • Quality facilities
  • Accredited course material
  • Assessment-based learning
  • Practical observations
  • Use of technology
  • Developing individual growth
  • Building relationships


Operational Arrangements:

The Ridge School is hosting 20 learner teachers on its campus on Saturday mornings.

The Teachers Learning Centre is providing a variety of eighteen months Accredited Short Course Programmes in the field of ECD and Grade R Phase

teacher education.

On successful completion of the 142-credit, assessment-based qualification, teachers will be awarded with a recognised Full NQF Level 4 Certificate. It is important to note that this is a legitimate and recognised qualification, endorsed under the National Further Education and Training (FET) Certification that are in place to govern Early Childhood Development (ECD) protocols. It can also serve to qualify them for CPTD points and to allow the students to register with the South African Council for Educators.


Officially it has been registered as an NQF Level 4 qualification; ID US 58761. The TLC accreditation number with ETDP Seta is (ETDP SETA Number 10440). The Teachers Learning Centre is an accredited ECD Provider with Registration Number being 2012/184649.


The offering of an Accredited NQF Qualification in this manner forms the first phase of the ‘A Partnership of Hope’ project. It is envisaged that there might well be a second phase of the project that will include the offering of further formal Teacher Education Programmes.


Richard Stanley


The Ridge School