NQF Level 5 (120 Credits)

national-certificate-level-4-early-childhood-development-qualification-tlcThe Higher Certificate NQF Level 5 is designed to guide more experienced practitioners in professional ECD practice.This qualification will help practitioners develop, uplift and empower communities, and build the capacity of communities through Early Childhood Development.

What will be taught in NQF Level 5?

The aim of this qualification is to further develop the essential ECD skills that practitioners need to implement in order to grow a successful professional ECD practice.

The NQF Level 5 course builds on the practitioners’ existing knowledge of child growth and development, and introduces practitioners to different theoretical teaching and learning philosophies and practices.

Relevant government policies and regulations at provincial level are also discussed and debated.


This qualification provides an opportunity for:

  • Practitioners with an ECD NQF Level 4 certificate or equivalent in ECD to further their
    professional development in ECD; and/or to specialise in aspects of ECD such as
    GRADE R or specific roles (e.g. managers and trainers).
  • Practitioners with a Primary Teachers certificate (PTC), Primary Teachers Diploma
    (PTD), or an equivalent of 120 credits to obtain an ECD certificate, either in the
    preschool phase and/ or specialising in reception-year teaching.

Since the language of instruction is in English, proficiency in English is compulsory.

  • Senior certificate (Matric)
  • Further Education and Teaching (FET) Certificate : ECD Level 4.
  • Learning assumed to be in place in order to achieve this qualification:
  • The ability to read, write and use written resource material for learning and teaching in a least two SA languages.The ability to understand fundamental mathematics/numeracy concepts.
  • The applied core unit standards at Level 4

At this level, you will be required to write tests and/or examinations to assess your knowledge and skills.

  • Throughout the course, it is compulsory that you perform the practical tasks within an ECD centre.
    If you do not already work in an ECD centre or school, TLC will help to place you in a centre where you need to physically perform the prescribed tasks to complete the course.
  • Assessment of your competency is based on the evidence you will submit in a Portfolio of Evidence (POE).
  • Your POE will include theoretical tasks and evidence of the practical tasks done at a registered ECD centre.
  • Upon successful completion of your studies and verification of the result conducted by the ETDP SETA, you will receive a Higher Certificate:
  • Early Childhood Development NQF 5 SAQA ID 23117 that is awarded by the ETDP SETA.

As a qualified ECD practitioner with a Higher Certificate (NQF Level 5), you will be able to:

  • Manage your own Early Childhood Development site
  • Assist Grade R educators in the classroom environment;Become a Grade R practitioner.
  • Become an assessor in the ECD field of study.
  • Facilitate NQF Level 1 in ECD.
  • Mentor students NQF Levels 1, 4 and 5 in-service practical training.
  • Pursue leadership roles in ECD.
  • Obtaining a Higher Certificate in ECD (NQF Level 5) may further their career and professional development in ECD by providing access to a NQF Level 6 qualification. (Refer www.saqa.org.za)
  • You should be able to complete this course within 12-18 months depending on your time commitments.
  • The course requires a certain amount of classroom time and includes handson practical work, group and individual work.
  • The completed tasks form part of your Portfolio of Evidence (POE) which will be submitted for formal assessment.

Course content for NQF Level 5 Credits: 140

Fundamentals Credits:15

Core Credits: 72

Electives Credits: 45

Fundamental Unit Standards

8647Apply workplace communication skills
– NQF Level 05
– 10 credits
13925Present information in a public setting
– NQF Level 05
– 5 credits

Core Unit Standards

13855Develop and manage the ECD learning programme
– NQF Level 05
– 24 credits
13853Mediate active learning in ECD programmes
– NQF Level 05
– 36 credits
13854Promote healthy development in ECD programmes
– NQF Level 05
– 12 credits

Elective Unit Standards

244260Facilitate a Life Skills Learning Programme in the Reception Year
– NQF Level 05
– 15 credits
244257Facilitate a Literacy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
– NQF Level 05
– 15 credits
244256Facilitate a Numeracy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
– NQF Level 05
– 15 credits
  • Upon completion of your Higher: Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID 64649), your results will be uploaded on the SAQA National Learner Record Database (NLRD).
  • Once your results have been updated, you will have access to this database to view your accreditation of 120 credits against the HC: ECD NQF Level 5 qualification.